Artists for Appleseed 2013 photo highlights

leighton lam with his art
Participating artist Leigton Lam with his submitted art

spencer chang with his art
Participating artist Spencer Chang with his submitted art

deborah nehmad with her art
Participating artist Deborah G. Nehmad with her submitted art

two of our honorees jim weill and judy waxman
Our national honorees, Jim Weill and Judy Waxman, pause for a picture

david reber welcoming guests
Hawai'i Appleseed President David Reber welcoming guests

colin kippen- governors coordinator on homelessness
Colin Kippen, Governor's coordinator on Homelessness

gavin thornton with client bernice rodrigues
Gavin Thornton with Appleseed client, Bernice Rodrigues

gavin thorton deputy director at hawaii appleseed
Gavin Thornton, Deputy Director for Hawai'i Appleseed, introducing our honorees

honoree adriana ramelli accepting the hawaii appleseed voice of the people award
Honoree, Adriana Ramelli, accepting the Hawai'i Appleseed Voice of the People Award

jim weill accepting the patsy t. mink courageous leadership award
Jim Weill accepting the Patsy T. Mink Courageous Leadership Award

david reber, jim weill, gavin thorton pause for a photo
David Reber, Jim Weill and Gavin Thornton

guests maryellen markley and annie hiller
Guests Maryellen Markley and Annie Hiller

laurie mckeon with her submitted art and maile meyer
Maile Meyer and participating artist Laurie McKeon with her submitted art

event donation screen produced by john garcia
Digital Donation screen produced and developed by John Garcia